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October 2011

In all of October I got to work with a brand new client, Filament, on their great show 'Music Voyager.' The show follows music guru Jacob Edgar around the world looking for great music. I worked on two different episodes that cover different regions of Tennessee. This segment looks at the traveling gypsy couple who make up Megan Jean and the KFB.

Client: Filament

Duties: Editor

TRT: 2:13

Editor for Broadcast and Film

The Latest News...

Diners Drive-Ins' and Dives!

August 2011

Citizen Pictures gave me the great opportunity to work on one of Food Networks flagship shows, Diners Drive-Ins', and Dives. This package covers a great spot in San Antonio called Magnolia Pancake Haus. Feel free to check out other work I did on the show in my work area. A very fun project to work on with a great client!

Client: Citizen Pictures / Food Network

Duties: Editor

Graphics: Citizen Pictures

TRT: 5:21

Dish Network Team Summit 2011 Sizzle Reel

April 2011

Working with Citizen Pictures, I had the opportunity to create an opening sizzle reel / Intro video for Dish Networks yearly convention called "Team Summit." The result was a fast-paced and highly dynamic video, set to The Whos "Baba O'Reilly".

Client: Citizen Pictures / Dish Network

Duties: Editor

Graphics: Phil Swanson (Citizen Pictures)

Audio: Editor

TRT: 3:41

Music Voyager: East Tennessee


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